Next Generation Pan Geo Subsea Acoustic Corer - 10/02/2010

ODIM Brooke Ocean has been awarded a contract from PanGeo Subsea for the build of its next generation Acoustic Corer 1000. ODIM's Engineering Services will build the motion platform and supply mechanical and electrical design for the unit. The new system is scheduled for delivery in time for deployment in Q3 2010.

A technology development and service delivery company specialising in 3D and 4D subsea acoustic imaging, PanGeo Subsea delivers solutions that mitigate risk and create value for oil and gas, offshore renewable energy and other industries including mining and military applications. Its set of technologies includes the Acoustic Corer and Sub-Bottom Imager, both available to the market.

The Acoustic Corer 3D technology images geohazards buried beneath the seafloor such as boulders, cemented layers, shallow gas, abandoned seabed infrastructure and unexploded ordnance. These present a considerable potential risk and cost if encountered during the installation of offshore infrastructure.

"Our Engineering Services team are well positioned to provide ocean engineering support and technical services to companies with a strategy of delivering quality products without developing an over capacity", says Lee Miller, Manager of Engineering Services. "This project is a prime example of how we can help others to bring their products to market".

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