Next Geosolutions Welcomes Three New Key Team Members

Next Geosolutions Welcomes Three New Key Team Members

International geoscience and engineering services provider Next Geosolutions has recently welcomed three new key team members. The company operates in the energy, infrastructure and utility markets,

Alison Lucas Collie is an experienced technical and management professional. She has worked at consultancy level supporting engineering in energy development projects during her roles at Fugro, Gardline, 4C Offshore and DeepOcean. She has joined Next Geosolutions as Tender Manager.

Surveyor and Data Processor

Alison’s technical specialism originates from working offshore as a surveyor and data processor after her first degree in hydrography and astronomy at Plymouth, then developing to gain an MSc in GIS. Her technical experience base is primarily in geomatics and GIS product delivery, including supporting business critical ICT infrastructure and database systems.

Having gained OU management and PRINCE2 project management qualifications, prior to her current role, Alison worked for the East of England Energy Group (EEEGR) as General Manager supporting regional energy sector business development for 300 members.

Her new role with Next Geosolutions sees her shine in everything from providing cost and technically effective safe solutions to clients’ requirements to participating in industry events to interpreting client contractual requirements and writing, compiling and issuing tenders and contracts.

Depth Imaging Specialist

Accompanying Alison, and with a personal goal of eventually becoming a depth imaging specialist or seismic data interpreter, Francesco Varriale brings with him six years’ experience in the oil and gas industry as a project geophysicist for CGG.

Francesco’s background is fully centred on seismic data processing. His PhD was the natural progression of Francesco’s master’s degree, that involved the reprocessing of legacy seismic data acquired by AGIP (ENI Group) in the Phlegraean Fields.

Now concentrating on project management and resource allocation for marine surveys at Next Geosolutions, Francesco utilises his vast knowledge of the data processing flow in time and in depth and likes to challenge himself in learning new technologies to improve his numerous skills.

Offshore Construction and Subsea Installation Projects

Jose Maria Alvarez Alda BSc (Hons) Marine Navigation, completes the trio. He has over 20 years’ experience in managing a diverse variety of offshore construction and subsea installation projects, cable laying operations, cable landings, cable remedial works, cable burial (trenching and jetting), diving activities (Air and Sat), ROV operations, and geophysical, geotechnical, PLGRs and UXO surveys.

Jose and Alison will be based in the Norwich office in the UK, whilst Francesco will play his role from the Italian office of Napoli.