NOAA Considers Abandoning Printed Annual Tide and Current Table Prediction Publications - 01/11/2017

A recent decision by the U.S. Coast Guard Policy Office is allowing the use of electronic tide and tidal current predictions to meet carriage requirements (33 CFR 164.33 and 46 CFR 28.225) for vessels operating in U.S. waters. Although printed publications are still preferred, electronic products such as PDF files or online predictions generated and stored for use are being accepted. CO-OPS is investigating the possibility for the elimination of the annual Tide Tables and Tidal Current Tables publications as printed versions.

In light of this change in policy and with the availability of tide and tidal current predictions for U.S. locations through the Tides & Currents website services (NOAA Tide Predictions, NOAA Current Predictions) this would impact all 6 of the annual tide/current tables publications and all related data files used in the production of these publications: 

  • Tide Tables, East Coast of North and South America Including Greenland
  • Tide Tables, Europe and West Coast of Africa Including the Mediterranean Sea
  • Tide Tables, Central and Western Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean
  • Tide Tables, West Coast of North and South America Including the Hawaiian Islands
  • Tidal Current Tables, Atlantic Coast of North America
  • Tidal Current Tables, Pacific Coast of North America and Asia

Over the next year, NOAA will be reaching out to users of these products to gather comments about the potential elimination of these publications. If you would like to contact NOAA about this matter, please email

Last updated: 22/10/2020