NOAA's Teacher at Sea Unveils Children's Book - 27/07/2007

NOAA's Teacher at Sea program has unveiled its third in a series of four planned children's books. The book is about the experiences of teacher Linda Armwood aboard NOAA ship Fairweather, a hydrographic survey ship operating in Alaskan waters.


At the time of her voyage, Armwood taught geospatial and environmental science courses at George Wythe High School in Richmond (VA, USA); currently, she is an educational consultant in Richmond. Fairweather collects data on water depth, obstructions, and navigational hazards for the nation's nautical charts as part of NOAA's mission to promote safe maritime navigation. Armwood worked side by side with the ship's surveyors and crew for two weeks in the spring of 2006.


The book was written by Diane Stanitski, Ph.D., a former university professor and NOAA Teacher at Sea, who has also served as a consultant for NOAA. It was illustrated by Bruce Cowden, chief boatswain of Ronald H. Brown, a NOAA oceanographic research ship. Both Stanitski and Cowden collaborated on the previous two books in the series. They joined Armwood at the unveiling of the Teacher at Sea book, and all three signed books by the hundreds for distribution.


The unveiling of the book was held in conjunction with the 25-26July  port call in Old Town, Alexandria (VA, USA), of another NOAA hydrographic survey ship, Thomas Jefferson, as part of NOAA's celebration of the 200th anniversary of the establishment of the Survey of the Coast by President Thomas Jefferson.



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