Noordhoek Expands ROV Fleet - 24/03/2009

Noordhoek Offshore has ordered 2 new Sub-Atlantic Mohican ROVs and 3 new Seaeye Falcon ROVs. The decision to order new ROVs is another step within the growth strategy of Noordhoek, which already has two new vessels under construction; a DPII Saturation Diving Support Vessel for delivery Q4 2009 and a dedicated DPII ROV Survey Vessel for delivery Q1 2010.



This order continues Noordhoek´s fleet rejuvenation programme and adds 5 units to Noordhoek's ROV fleet, operating mainly in the inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) market. The delivery of these new ROVs is scheduled for the second quarter of 2009. These 5 new ROVs will not only provide considerable operational flexibility but also allows the company to respond to the increasing demand from the market.


Noordhoek is a provider of subsea construction, diving, ROV and survey services to the offshore oil and gas, renewable energy and subsea cable industries. Construction services include installation, upgrading and decommissioning of pipelines and production infrastructure. Diving, ROV and survey services include inspection, repair and maintenance services and support services for subsea infrastructure and underwater structures. Noordhoek operates internationally and domestically, primarily in the North Sea and the Irish Sea.



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