Norbit Aptomar Acquires SeaDarQ Radar System for Environmental Monitoring

Norbit Aptomar Acquires SeaDarQ Radar System for Environmental Monitoring

Nortek has announced the sale of its SeaDarQ radar technology for environmental monitoring and oil spill detection to Norbit Aptomar, a technology provider to global maritime markets.

Norbit, which is headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, will integrate the SeaDarQ software with its existing SeaCOP environmental monitoring system. The SeaCOP system combines remote sensing technologies – such as radar, infrared cameras and sonars – with state-of-the-art data fusion and artificial intelligence. Using a high-resolution marine X-band radar, the Norbit Aptomar SeaDarQ system can automatically detect, track and monitor oil spills on the ocean surface.

Detection and Tracking Algorithms

Nortek’s subsidiary in the Netherlands has worked to develop, renew and expand the capabilities of the SeaDarQ system since Nortek acquired it in 2011. The most important product development milestones since then have been the automated detection of oil spills through improved image processing and the addition of detection and tracking algorithms. Radar acquisition and processing hardware have also been improved and simplified. 

Since 2011, the SeaDarQ system has been especially successful in China and Brazil, with a landmark Brazilian project comprised of radars, cameras and software on an FPSO and support vessels.

Norbit’s acquisition of the SeaDarQ system presents an opportunity to provide a truly groundbreaking technology for environmental monitoring, adding valuable data points for port security, asset protection, vessel traffic monitoring and oil spill detection to their already extensive solution.

Selling this business activity allows Nortek’s office in the Netherlands to focus on core technologies and activities, such as its successful vessel-mounted (or moving-boat) current measurement system, the Signature VM Ocean and Coastal

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