Nortek Launches Signature 250kHz Mid-range System - 20/01/2016

The mid-range profiler Nortek Signature250 is now in production. It has an optional centre beam for the patented SUV wave measurement mode, which means it can be deployed on subsurface buoys at depths up to 150 metres. The Signature family now includes instruments covering ranges from <1m to >1,000m (frequencies of 1000, 500, 250 and 55kHz). Hence, the Signature series now covers most needs and requirements in terms of range and application.

New Measurement Possibilities

With a specified current profiling range of 200m, the Signature250 opens up new measurement possibilities. Additionally, with the optional 5th beam, it has the capability of measuring ice thickness, ice drift and directional waves from an installation depth of up to 150 metres. All of this is possible with the same energy-saving technology as the rest of the Signature series products.


The features of the Nortek 250 Signature were carefully developed around the needs of scientists and engineers working both within academia and in the offshore industry.

One possible application is accurate measurements from subsurface buoy mounts. Here, changes in buoy position is managed by special measurement modes for both ice and waves. The optional 5th beam (Acoustic Surface Tracking – or AST) is optimised by depth so that buoy draw-down is not an issue and directional wave measurements are unaffected by buoy rotation. This is possible thanks to Nortek’s patented SUV measurement mode (US Patent 7,352,651).

Nortek has built a rugged system, optimised for operational users while also offering innovation in data investigation capabilities and accuracy to scientific researchers.


Last updated: 22/03/2019