Northern Airborne Technology C-MAP CM-93 Licensed - 25/10/2003

Northern Airborne Technology (NAT) has been licensed by C-MAP to use its ECS and CM-93 Edition 3 database. The system, called NAT-ECS, is an industrialised touch screen PC/display combo unit with a bright 15" LCD screen.
Taking advantage of the power and simplicity of C-MAP ECS, the NAT-ECS provides all of the features and functionality of an ECDIS system, integrating onboard sensors such as ARPA, AIS and depth, as well as any other onboard sensors. In addition, the NAT-ECS includes an optional weather forecasting module for ocean voyage use, with forecasting for up to ten days.
One of the features of the system is the capability to access C-MAP Real Time Updating (RTU) distribution network, providing mariners with Notice to Mariners (NTM) updates for their area of coverage. This requires a current CM-93 subscription and access to the Internet.

Last updated: 25/10/2020