Northrop Grumman Radar for US Submarines - 05/10/2004

Northrop Grumman Corporation has been awarded a contract by the Naval Sea Systems Command to supply navigation radar sets and associated systems engineering for ten US Navy submarines. The company's Sperry Marine business unit will deliver AN/BPS-16 (V) 4 navigation radar sets for six Virginia-class attack submarines and four guided-missile submarines. Deliveries will begin in late 2005 and continue through 2010, if all options are exercised. The contract includes development of automatic radar-plotting aid software for the Virginia-class submarines and an upgrade of the Voyage Management System, which provides integrated navigation capability and complies with the Chief of Naval Operations' directive for conversion of all US Navy vessels to electronic charts. The contract is valued at US$ 13.3 million for the base year and a total of US$ 11.4 million for four option years.

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