Norwegian Hydrographic Service Measures Related to the Coronavirus Pandemic - 28/03/2020

In response to the current global situation, the Norwegian Hydrographic Service has implemented several measures aimed at minimizing disruption to the delivery of navigationally important publications. All employees are now working remotely and the Notice to Mariners and updates to electronic navigational charts (ENC) and paper charts are being produced as normal.

“However, the production of tracing as well as all surveying activities have been temporarily suspended due to the logistical problems inherent with remote working. The PRIMAR RENC operation continues as normal, with staff working from home office”, Gudmund Jønsson, director of Seachart Authority says.

PRIMAR is an international collaboration dedicated to providing a consistent and reliable ENC service, and is operated on a non-profit basis by the Norwegian Hydrographic Service.

About the Norwegian Hydrographic Service

The Norwegian Mapping Authority Hydrographic Service is responsible for preparing and updating nautical charts, and covers all marine and coastal waters in Norway and around Svalbard, as well as Norwegian areas in the Antarctic.

All tasks undertaken by the Norwegian Mapping Authority involve geographical or ratified information, whether in regard to data on which a map is based, the name of a town, property boundaries or property rights issues.

The Norwegian Hydrographic Service was established in 1932 and has operated as a division of the Norwegian Mapping Authority since 1986. The division has 120 employees and is based in Stavanger.

Last updated: 07/04/2020