Novatech Iridium Location Beacon for 11,000m - 10/03/2014

Some 2 years ago Nova Scotia, Canada-based MetOcean Data Systems (stand F300 in the Atlantic Canada pavilion at Oceanology International 2014) fitted what was believed to be the world’s first Iridium-based security location beacon rated to 11,000m operation, aboard James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenger. That first unit has now evolved into an extensive iBCN range under the Novatech brand banner that encompasses self-contained, remote head and OEM versions.

The beacons transmit GPS position data to the host user via the two-way Iridium satellite telemetry service.

Recent UK supplies, via distributor RS Aqua Ltd at stand F550 during Oceanology International, include 30 units to the moorings group at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK.

The Novatech iBCN range, backed by full Iridium certification, uses the 9603 Short Burst Data platform, has integral surface on/off detection and can be back-office supported by Iridium service provider JouBeh Technologies.

Image: Novatech iBCN beacon.

Last updated: 27/02/2018