NovAtel Launches GNSS+INS Positioning Device

NovAtel Launches GNSS+INS Positioning Device

NovAtel, Canada, has recently added the IMU-ISA-100C as an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) option to its SPAN GNSS+INS line of positioning products. The IMU-ISA-100C is a near navigation grade IMU for platform stabilisation, general purpose navigation, photogrammetry, remote sensing and ground mobile mapping applications.

Commercially exportable, the IMU-ISA-100C integrates easily with a NovAtel SPAN capable receiver to provide a tightly coupled 3D navigation solution. Offering customers continuous position, velocity and attitude (roll, pitch and azimuth) measurements, a SPAN system is stable and available even through periods when satellite signals are blocked or unavailable.

With the IMU-ISA-100C, customers will receive near navigation grade performance, at an affordable price point. The product also features a new enclosure which has been designed to maximise versatility for a range of applications.

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