Ocean Aero and Teledyne Form Strategic Partnership - 11/07/2014

Teledyne Technologies has announced that it has invested in and entered into a strategic partnership with Ocean Aero. Based in San Diego, CA, USA, Ocean Aero is designing an unmanned surface vehicle that will also have the ability to descend subsea.

Unlike traditional unmanned surface vehicles or autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), Ocean Aero is designing the Submaran, a vehicle capable of operating in both surface and sub-surface environments. While still in development, the Submaran would provide a unique set of capabilities to the scientific, defence, and oil and gas communities. For example, the vehicle would have efficient propulsion and communication while on the surface, and the ability to dive could provide water column analysis, stealth and hazardous weather avoidance.

The investment in Ocean Aero further broadens Teledyne’s portfolio of marine technologies and autonomous systems, said Robert Mehrabian, chairman, president and CEO of Teledyne. Ocean Aero’s planned unmanned underwater/surface vehicles, powered by wind and solar, complement Teledyne’s battery-powered Gavia AUVs and market-leading autonomous gliding vehicles using buoyancy-based propulsion.

Last updated: 24/09/2017