Ocean Infinity partners with RWE and Masdar for DBS West survey

Ocean Infinity partners with RWE and Masdar for DBS West survey

German energy giant RWE and Masdar, a fast-growing UAE-based renewable energy company, have placed a contract with marine technology and data acquisition specialist Ocean Infinity for 3D ultra high-resolution seismic geophysical surveys at Dogger Bank South (DBS) West offshore wind farm. Ocean Infinity will survey the subsea terrain at each of the proposed wind turbine foundation sites for DBS West offshore wind farm.

Colin McAllister, development project manager, DBS offshore wind farms, explained: “These geophysical surveys will deliver detailed data about conditions on and under the surface of the seabed. Combining this with geotechnical data we are also collecting from the turbine foundation sites will deliver exceptional levels of detail about the subsea conditions, which is invaluable. It enables us to identify challenges at the development stage and to put in place appropriate mitigations where required.”

Commercial director at Ocean Infinity, Maxime Even, added: “This is Ocean Infinity’s first 3D ultra high-resolution seismic survey project awarded by RWE, which we are very excited about. Our mission has always been to enable the planet to thrive, and this project is another step in helping us on that journey. We are being given the opportunity to continue our support in the growing offshore renewables sector, contributing to the overall global energy transition. This has always been our goal and is a huge win for us.”

Data-intense investigation

Surveys at the turbine foundation sites will be undertaken by the vessel Deep Helder from early June 2024 and will continue for about 30 days, depending on weather conditions.

Ocean Infinity uses high-definition survey techniques to scan the seafloor and the subsea bottom, to provide high-resolution 3D geological data deep below each proposed wind turbine site. This data-intense investigation can highlight seafloor changes and map the extent, orientation and tilt of sedimentary units as well as boulders, throughout the entire wind turbine foundation.

DBS comprises two separate sites, DBS East and DBS West located on Dogger Bank, a shallow area of the North Sea over 100km off the north-east coast of England. Both DBS project developments are being led by RWE, who will deliver project development, construction and operations on behalf of the partners RWE and Masdar.

The projects will make an important economic contribution to the region and a major contribution to the delivery of net zero in the UK and the UK’s broader economic growth and energy security. Based on an estimated capacity of three gigawatts (GW) once fully operational, the DBS projects could be capable of generating enough electricity to meet the average annual domestic energy needs of around three million typical UK homes.

The surveys at the turbine foundation sites will be conducted by the vessel Deep Helder, as depicted in this image. (Image source: RWE)
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