Ocean Infinity to Charter Island Pride

Ocean Infinity to Charter Island Pride

Ocean Infinity has agreed a seven year contract with Island Offshore for Island Pride. The vessel will expand the company's platform for AUV data acquisition and analysis, and support a variety of operations globally. Today, there are not many companies leveraging underwater technology in the same way. Ocean Infinity’s innovative approach to undersea data is of relevance to everyone who has a need or desire to better understand the ocean and seabed environment whether they be from the military, government or commercial sectors.

Island Pride is a multi-functional subsea support and construction vessel of UT 737 design. 103 metres in length with a beam of 21 metres and free deck space of 880m2. Equipped with deep water crane and two work-class ROVs, Island Pride is well suited to Ocean Infinity’s operations. It is the ideal platform from which to run a highly technology focused operation.

Oliver Plunkett, CEO of Ocean Infinity, commented, "We are very excited to have agreed this charter with Island Offshore. Given our success in the market and our clear path to future growth we felt it was important to expand by partnering for the long term. Island Offshore have proved to be a great vessel owner to work with and we look forward to a long and successful relationship as our business continues its rapid expansion."

Havard Ulstein, CEO Island Offshore, said “This charter is a clear statement of confidence in our vessel, crew and long-termterm stability of our business. We are thrilled to join Ocean Infinity as they push the boundaries of technology and that they chose us to support them in that goal.”

Seabed intelligence

Ocean Infinity is a technology company who specialise in the merging of big data and subsea technology. Our comprehensive subsea solution can collect and process data from one vessel. With multiple autonomous vehicles working simultaneously and AI deep learning, critical information is provided quickly and efficiently. We operate in shallow and deep waters while working in dynamic environments ranging from the tropics to under Antarctic ice, delivering accurate results to use for seabed intelligence.

Island Offshore is a leading provider of high quality solutions for the offshore oil industry based on a fleet of advanced high quality service and subsea service vessels. The Island Offshore Group is privately owned and comprises a group of ship owning and management companies. They currently operate a fleet of 26 vessels ranging from Platform Supply vessels, Anchor Handling Vessels, Subsea Construction Vessels to Light Well Intervention Vessels. In addition, the Group has one vessel under construction.