Oceaneering Selects Valeport Sensor Technology for Its Subsea Freedom Vehicles - 04/09/2019

Oceaneering International has selected Valeport sensor technology for integration into its subsea Freedom vehicles.  Oceaneering’s next-generation hybrid ROV, Freedom, will be fitted with Valeport Bathypack, Altimeter and Hyperion Fluorometer sensors.  Hydrographic and oceanographic instrument designer Valeport, worked closely with Oceaneering’s engineering team to meet challenges in communication and connector requirements. The Valeport sensors in the Midas Bathypack were ethernet enabled to offer precision sound velocity, conductivity, temperature, depth and altimeter data, which is used to enhance the operational capability of the Freedom resident vehicle. The subsea vehicle is also equipped with Valeport’s compact and robust environmental monitoring sensor, the Hyperion Fluorometer, for the measurement of Chlorophyll A.

Wide Range of Tasks

Oceaneering’s Freedom ROV offers flexibility and efficiency while performing common ROV tasks including survey, inspection, valve and torque tool operation, manipulator-related activities and underwater inspection in lieu of dry-docking operations. It operates in tethered and autonomous tetherless modes.

Details: www.valeport.co.uk

Last updated: 25/11/2020