Offshore Supply Guidelines - 03/11/2004

IMCA has since 1990 played a significant role in the offshore oil and gas industry by providing guidelines on the safe use and operation of Dynamic Positioning (DP) for offshore construction vessels and mobile units. Its Guidelines for the Design and Operation of Dynamically Positioned Vessels (IMCA M 103) has received global acknowledgement as a vital aid to safety in this key and ever expanding section of the industry. An increasing number of supply and anchor handling vessels have benefited from the provision of DP in recent years. With this in mind, IMCA is inviting all interested organisations to join a cross-industry consultative workgroup to develop international industry guidance under the provisional title of ‘Guidelines for the Safe Operation of Dynamically Positioned Offshore Supply Vessels at Offshore Installations’.
In addition to this proposed guidance publication, IMCA is preparing a supplement to its well-established IMCA M 103 that will cover the basic elements of operating supply vessels with DP.

Last updated: 26/02/2020