Online Access to Marine Geological and Geophysical Data Sets - 15/12/2009

Geo-Seas is an EU FP7 project, implementing an e-infrastructure of 26 marine geological and geophysical data centres, located in seventeen European maritime countries. Users will be able to identify, locate and access harmonised marine geological and geophysical data sets and derived data products held by the data centres through a single common data portal. Geo-Seas will expand the existing SeaDataNet marine and ocean data management infrastructure.

Geological and geophysical data comprise analytical data and derived data products from seabed sediment samples, boreholes, borehole samples, geophysical surveys (seismic, gravity, magnetic) of the seabed and sub-seabed, cone penetration tests, and sidescan sonar surveys. The Geo-Seas data, data products and services can be used by the following sectors: environmental research and monitoring; academic research; government;  national and regional  agencies; dredging; marine hydrocarbons; beach nourishment; land reclamation; sustainable energy; civil engineering (pipelines, offshore construction, aggregates); communications (submarine cables); shipping; fisheries; tourism; and health.

New data products and services will be developed following consultations on user requirements. An online user survey is organised by Geo-Seas from mid-December 2009 to end January 2010 to learn more about requirements and preferences of users.

Therefore Geo-Seas invites potential users to go to the Geo-Seas portal ( and to participate in the online questionnaire.
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