Online Distance Learning Adds Flexibility

Online Distance Learning Adds Flexibility

MTCS (UK) has devised a highly portable, virtual learning environment, where the online system has been built to aid companies whose individuals spend a lot of time offshore on vessels or rigs. Subsea Industry executives realise that knowledge and the application of that knowledge is key to business success.

Gail Bartolf, Global Sales coordinator for MTCS (UK), explains that while they do send trainers to company employees, being all over the world or on changing shift patterns means extra issues with the training and getting trainees together. A major issue is cost to the company, which can include flights, accommodation and perhaps day rates. MTCS Online is a distance-learning programme designed for instant accessibility and optimum portability. It makes the MTCS products available anywhere, anytime, allowing companies to use one system to track and monitor learners’ progress throughout their offshore career.

Dingena Theunisse, Competence and Training manager, Atlas Professionals (image), who currently uses the MTCS online distance learning tool, said that Atlas agrees that online learning is and has proven to be a huge step forward in providing a set of courses independent of location and time limitations. MTCS offers a recognised Competence Management Framework, tailored to meet our preferences and allowing our workers to gain certification in the workplace, no matter where in the world they are working.

All competence certificates are IMCA graded and the programme is compatible with Apple Mac, Windows 7/8, Android and iOS tablets and mobiles.

Courses available via MTCS Online include: High Voltage, ROV Hydraulics and Skills Assessor - with Fibre Optics coming shortly. Additionally, the system is host to competence programmes for all IMCA grades, including marine back-deck, diving, survey, and in fact all offshore IMCA competence grades. MTCS also deliver ROV Induction courses, which are available worldwide, currently Singapore, Egypt and Nigeria. 

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