Open Teledyne PDS and SeaBat Sonar Courses for 2019 - 25/04/2019

Teledyne RESON has announced a series of Teledyne PDS software and SeaBat Sonar training courses. Teledyne Marine brings a number of courses set at different global locations. The open courses cover Teledyne PDS for Dredge or Multibeam operations and Teledyne RESON SeaBat Sonar training. Teledyne PDS and SeaBat Multibeam Sonars are used for seabed mapping and dredging operations. The company also offers a combined training session giving trainees everything they need to know about sonar installation to produce a deliverable in Teledyne PDS.

Customized On-site Training

“As the year is now well on its way, we see an uptake in customized on-site training. But, for some smaller groups or individuals we have again set up a series of open training courses”, explains Harvey Stoelinga, software manager at Teledyne Marine. “One to look out for is our SeaBat and Teledyne PDS training which this year is hosted for the first time on the US East coast in our Daytona Beach office.”

About Teledyne PDS

Teledyne PDS is a software package for hydrographic survey and dredging/construction operations. It offers modules that cover the entire operation from data acquisition to the final product. The software runs on standard PCs with Windows operating system. Teledyne PDS is available in different versions tailored to specific operations.

The purpose of the PDS software suite is a real-time reading of data from one or more sensors, perform computations with the data, display the results of the computations and simultaneously log the data. To be able to control those processes, different views have been developed that will display the reading, computations, results, and logging processes. The data can be displayed either graphically or alphanumerically.

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