'Open Your Horizons' Career Promotion Drive

'Open Your Horizons' Career Promotion Drive

The vital issue of the skills shortages that current besets the offshore industry has deeply concerned the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA). Throughout 2007 IMCA has been preparing a careers promotion quest, and they have now published their latest piece of ammunition for use in the ongoing campaign, 'Open Your Horizons: Global Careers in Marine Contracting', a colourful careers brochure that is international in outlook, has a carefully chosen positive message and is to be distributed widely.  

The newly presented careers brochure is aimed at young men and women is already receiving positive feedback, according to IMCA. It invites them to 'see the world' and 'see the bigger picture'; and by means of bold new pictures and a positive message encourages them to 'think marine', where 'the opportunities, the technology, the variety - and yes, the rewards - are all beyond the ordinary'.


The brochure includes sections devoted to the 'broad horizons' - the great range of roles available in the marine contracting industry; a career plan; and links to our website where they can find out more about the wide range of opportunities available to them, it urges them to 'make the move'.




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