OSIL Develops Autonomous Profiling Winch - 15/02/2019

The marine engineering experts from Ocean Scientific International (OSIL) have produced an innovative and compact autonomous profiling winch that will operate unmanned for 30 days. OSIL were approached with a requirement for a 24V waterproof winch system to mount to existing Automated Surface Vehicle system. The winch will undertake ten profiles per day, with a 15kg payload, for 30 days continuously.

The design was constrained by the size of the available space and a maximum weight restriction, in addition to the payload requirements.

The winch has 200m drum capacity using 3mm diameter dyneema, and is equipped with a level wind to prevent entanglements and ensure the cable spools evenly onto the drum. The winch drum is also fitted with an encoder for payout readings and an internal brake which operates automatically.

OSIL have worked closely with the end client to ensure that the specification is exactly as required.

Last updated: 26/02/2019