OT 2021 will again be held at Zhejiang University Zhoushan Campus - 27/06/2019

Following the OceanTech 2019 Program held May 16-18, the organizers announced OT 2021 will again be held at Zhejiang University Zhoushan Campus, May 19-21, 2021, coinciding with the 5th China Ocean Technology Conference and OceanTech International Symposium. Spearheaded by Zhejiang University’s Ocean College, OT Program is an International showcase of the latest know-how & live demos conceived and realized by China's Ocean Community.  Zhejiang University is consistently ranked among China’s top three institutions. 

Zijingang Survey Ship

Oceanographers from around the nation were brought on board the Zijingang survey ship to view Laurel’s multi-beam survey demos in action offshore.  Zijingang carried R2Sonic 2024 arrayed with two USVs - 5.5m and 3m - each with R2sonic equipment on board. “No other shows here have worked so beautifully", Fang said. He was referring to the rare opportunity to meet with 600+ China’s top scientists and experts in Zhoushan to attend the conferences.

Manoeuvring Rotating Arm Tank

The campus also opened its newly built Manoeuvring Rotating Arm Tank for other cutting- edge demonstrations.  Talks from Sea Bird, EdgeTech and TDRI on their latest technology made integral parts of OT 2019.  The organizers said more space will be made available for OT 2021 exhibitors.

Last updated: 29/11/2019