Partnership Makes Marine Bathymetry Data More Easily Available - 08/12/2014

Working together, EOMAP (Germany) and MarineFIND (UK) have formed a partnership to offer easy access to coastal high-resolution and global bathymetry. The partnership has developed a new method for easily distributing this data for preprocessed areas and allows the production of cost-effective custom datasets. Advances in the processing of satellite imagery means that low-cost, accurate, high-resolution bathymetry to a depth of 20m is now available.

Dr Thomas Heege, CEO of EOMAP, said the company has worked with MarineFIND on several recent projects and the partnership has delivered excellent results for the clients. Building on this, bathymetric and other marine data can be delivered worldwide.

Jon Coleman, Marine Business manager of MarineFIND, added that developers have improved delivery mechanisms – allowing to serve cost-effective high-quality marine GIS data directly to client desktops via WMS technology.

Nigel West, of ABPmer, concluded the satellite derived bathymetry has proved invaluable for the characterisation of shallow coastal areas in the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea. In their areas of interest, satellite imagery showed shallow bathymetric features that were either inaccessible to survey vessels or beyond the remit of the original surveys. The data ABPmer has received from MarineFIND showed according to Mr West a good validation with their echosounder collected data.

Last updated: 21/05/2019