Ping-to-Chart Workshops

Ping-to-Chart Workshops

Caris is presenting Ping-to-Chart Workshops to be hosted at Stockholm University (Sweden) from 12th to16th October 2009 as well as at the University of Southampton (United Kingdom) from 18th to 22nd January 2010, explaining the workflow stages involved in taking acquired hydrographic survey data, "Ping", through to final product, "Chart".  


Participants will experience the latest tools and workflows for bathymetric data processing and management, chart production, web access and distribution using the latest versions of HIPS and SIPS, Bathy Database, Notebook, S-57 Composer, Hydrographic Production Database (HPD) and Spatial Fusion Enterprise.

Among the technological highlights relating to the "Ping" will include an introduction to Geocoder, the CSAR Framework and 3D visualisation. 

On the "Chart "side of the workflow, the workshop will explore the advancements in the latest version of S-57 Composer, discuss the consolidation of HPD Product Editors and introduce the Paper Chart Composer software. 

Participants will also learn how processed bathymetry and chart data can be made available through the web for use in Spatial Data Infrastructures.