Pioneer Grows Saab Seaeye Falcon Fleet - 28/05/2019

ASI Marine, a pioneer in long tunnel excursions and international operator for inland marine work, is expanding its Saab Seaeye Falcon fleet. Renowned for being the first to exploit the Falcon’s adaptive intelligent technology by sending the 300 metre rated remotely operated underwater vehicle on a five-kilometre-long tunnel inspection, the company is now adding the 1,000 metre rated Falcon version to their collection.

Inland Operations

Bob Clarke, manager of ROV services at ASI Marine, said “We are familiar with the Falcon’s potential, its operation and its maintenance. It’s also compatible with umbilical tethers already in our inventory and it is easy to add tooling modifications, brackets and mounts previously developed.”

Steady in Strong Cross Currents

The Falcon is based on a concept that packs into a metre length vehicle, five powerful thrusters with an iCON intelligent control architecture that provides the power and control to manoeuvre with exactitude whilst heavily loaded with equipment, and remain steady in strong cross currents and turbulent water when undertaking precise, complex or robust tasks.

Options Easily Added

The control through Saab Seaeye’s iCON intelligent infrastructure provides each device on the vehicle with its own microprocessor, thereby allowing tools and sensors - usually found in much larger vehicles - to be easily added or changed, and custom options to be integrated, making it an ideal platform for numerous intricate and demanding applications.

Last updated: 04/06/2019