Planet Ocean Distributes Radac Radar Wave & Tide Sensor - 01/06/2015

Planet Ocean (UK) has signed an exclusive representation agreement with Radac (The Netherlands). The agreement covers the UK and Republic of Ireland. Radac has been developing the WaveGuide system since 1996. This high-quality radar-based system monitors waves, tides and water levels.

The WaveGuide is compact, reliable and robust. Where a fixed structure such as a platform, turbine or jetty already exists, it offers a simpler-to-install, largely maintenance-free alternative to buoy-based systems. The WaveGuide is a standalone system, which requires no calibration. It incorporates a web interface which allows direct access to the wave data.

Unique to Radac is the WaveGuide Directional, which accurately measures wave direction with an array of three down-facing radars. Radac is the only company that brings this technology to the market. It is also available in an explosion-proof variant.

Another option is the WaveGuide Onboard system installation for deployment on ships. It compensates for the vertical motions of the ship, so it measures the waves the ship is actually encountering. Existing clients include oil companies, offshore wind farm operators, port operators, governments, shipping companies and international project developers around the world.

Terry Sloane, Planet Ocean MD, commented that this remote radar technology complements Planet Ocean’s buoy and pressure-based wave height and direction system capability.

Last updated: 25/02/2021