Polarcus Positioning Contract For Veripos - 26/08/2010

Veripos has been awarded a master services contract by Polarcus, a Dubai-based 3D seismic survey company, for supply of high-precision positioning services and equipment in support of a new advanced fleet of Ulstein-designed vessels.

Under the contract, Veripos will provide each of four new Polarcus vessels with a combination of its Ultra Precise Point Positioning global service for decimetre-level accuracies together with LD2-G2 integrated mobile receivers and Verify QC software for real-time monitoring and quality control.

The first two 12-streamer vessels, Polarcus Nadia and Polarcus Naila, are already operating in the North Sea. Polarcus Asima, the world's first true Arctic-ready 12-streamer vessel, has also been recently launched and will work initially in the Black Sea. A further new environmentally-responsive vessel due to be provided with Veripos GNSS positioning support later this year will be a wide-tow 6-streamer, Polarcus Samur.

Last updated: 24/02/2020