Port-Log for ABP’s Environmental Monitoring - 17/01/2017

Associated British Ports (ABP) has contracted OceanWise to install Port-Log across all of ABP's 21 UK ports. The project has not required any of ABP's existing sensors to be replaced. A major benefit of Port-Log.net is its ability to accommodate a wide range of sensors from different manufacturers. Consequently, pressing deadlines for installing and testing the system were able to be met.

The service utilises OceanWise' Smart Telemetry units to transmit data to a cloud server, providing real-time publishing of monitoring data direct to individual VTS centres at each Port Cluster, as well as to other users and devices at other locations.

ABP opted for the OceanWise online (aka cloud based) subscription service, Port-Log.net. This enabled an on time go-live date for the Port of Southampton, with the other Ports following on smoothly.

William Heaps, Technical Authority Marine said that provision of accurate tide and weather data underpins ABP’s services to commercial traffic and to UK leisure sailors. This system ensures ABP will be able

Last updated: 05/06/2020