Portable MBES Hydrographic System Installed at Corsica - 08/04/2019

MacArtney France has delivered a portable Multi-Beam Echo Sounder Hydrographic System, designed for small vessels, to the French government organization, Collectivité de Corse, in Corsica, France. This bathymetric system will reduce survey time, increase accuracy, expand survey area reach and ensure a comprehensive hydrographic survey system.

Secure navigation

The purpose of the MBES Hydrographic System is to ensure visiting vessels can securely navigate the harbours of the island, monitor the seabed to control the quality of dredging, identify obstructions on the sea floor and finally verify underwater installations, for example, the quaysides and hexapods of the Corsican harbours.

Meeting standards

MacArtney France worked with partners Kongsberg, Valeport and SBG Systems on this project to fulfil the project specific needs and supply an adaptable MBES Hydrographic System that meets the standards set down by the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO).

Natural reserve

The Collectivité de Corse, a government organization, represents the interests of the community of Corsica - a Mediterranean island off the south coast of France. The island of Corsica is an area of natural beauty with a unique cultural heritage. Large parts of the island are designated as the Parc Naturel Régional de Corse, not only to protect the natural landscape but the local population and cultural heritage of the region too.

Portable system

With 1,000km of coastline, the island attracts many tourists and cruise ships creating the need for an MBES hydrographic system, but one small and versatile enough to be portable by road across the island to Corsica’s many harbours.

Last updated: 05/03/2020