Portable Sub-bottom Profiling System - 15/10/2005

EdgeTech has introduced the new 3100 Sub-Bottom Profiling System, a portable solution for sub-bottom imaging. The system uses Full-Spectrum (‘chirp’) pulses to create high-definition image slices of the sub-bottom structure. It can be used in rivers, lakes, ponds, and in the ocean. The 3100 System comes with a choice of two tow vehicles, to meet the penetration and resolution requirements of a survey. The SB-216S tow vehicle has a frequency range from 2-16kHz and the SB-424 tow vehicle from 4-24kHz. Both vehicles use specially designed transmitters with low Q-wide band characteristics best suited for ‘chirp’ transmissions. Two multi-element line-array hydrophones are installed in the tow vehicle to reduce acoustic scattering from the sides. The new system comes with standard EdgeTech 565P Portable Topside Processor consisting of splash-resistant topside case containing the amplifier and Full-Spectrum electronics. A laptop computer running EdgeTech DISCOVER sub-bottom software is where the sonar data is displayed and stored.

Last updated: 11/08/2020