Positioning Network Enhancements

Positioning Network Enhancements

Global precise positioning supplier Veripos has extended its multi-source Differential GPS service for Africa with the establishment of new reference station facilities at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Chimoio in Mozambique, in East Africa. Meanwhile, in West Africa, new reference facilities have also been sited on the island of Sao Tome in the Gulf of Guinea and Lambarene in Gabon.

All the stations have been commissioned in response to increased development of regional oil and gas basins in addition to meeting corresponding growth in mineral exploration and production activities.

Part of Veripos' worldwide high-precision GNSS positioning operations on behalf of leading operators of seismic, survey and construction support vessels, its African network provides a comprehensive seamless, dual-frequency DGPS service covering all major offshore sectors. Additional reference stations for continued development of the service are currently planned for Ghana and South Africa.

Elsewhere, for its North West European positioning network, Veripos has relocated its former Tananger reference station in Norway to the Dusavik suburb of Stavanger as a result of increased demand for its services from leading offshore users in the area. According to Grant Morton, Veripos Service Delivery Manager, it will ensure a combination of excellent communication links, clear visibility of the sky and a lack of interference, which were all factors in selecting the new site.

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