Real-time Marine Environmental Monitoring System - 26/09/2012

Australia-based Fastwave has recently received orders for over 50 OceanStar telemetered marine environmental monitoring systems. Most of the systems are to be deployed as part of the broader marine environmental management programme being implemented in support of Chevron Australia's Wheatstone offshore LNG project.

The OceanStar system enables real-time data acquisition from water quality sensors located on the sea floor. The system acquires readings from the sub-sea instruments and transmits via Iridium satellite a range of water quality parameters such as turbidity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature. It has been used for environmental compliance monitoring on most of Australia's large offshore energy and construction projects since 2007, providing project proponents, regulators and contractors with access to timely and accurate information regarding the impact of dredging and construction on the marine environment.

The system has proven reliability in the cyclonic conditions and high currents typically encountered off Australia’s North West coast. Because it uses satellite telemetry for communication, the OceanStar system is not limited by cellular coverage range, and can be deployed in any location around the world.

Last updated: 04/07/2020