Red7Marine Offshore Expands in North Sea

Red7Marine Offshore Expands in North Sea

Red7Marine Offshore Ltd (UK) is expanding into the North Sea decommissioning market. Offering a broad range of services comprising engineering, survey of existing infrastructure, excavation, subsea severance, removal and onshore waste disposal, Red7Marine Offshore is able to provide its clients with a bespoke turnkey solution according to their specific needs.

Decommissioning work will primarily be performed using Red7Marine Offshore’s comprehensive in-house fleet of assets which include its newly acquired DP2 saturation diving support vessel, the Red7 Alliance, offshore support vessels the Red7 Tonjer, Red7 Reel and daughter craft Red7 Tempest, from all of which air diving can be performed. Additional services include the SeaVex seabed excavation system and a fleet of Remotely Operated Vehicles.

Further, with its own quayside premises strategically located in Great Yarmouth, Red7Marine Offshore is able to ensure that offloading of decommissioned structures for recycling/disposal is performed as efficiently as possible thereby minimising non-productive time for its clients.

According to chief executive officer Martin Myhill Sisley, many oil and gas operators have been asking Red7Marine Offshore to enter this market and the company is now answering their call. The decommissioning supply chain is known to be fragmented so the company is confident that operators will find the turnkey proposition, combining proven assets and experienced personnel, attractive both in terms of capability and cost effectiveness.

Red7Marine Offshore is a fleet-based contractor operating from the east of England providing a range of subsea services on a turnkey basis. Red7Marine Offshore has additional project offices in Westhill, for Aberdeen-based clients.