Report Highlights Poor State of Surveying and Charting Worldwide - 23/03/2016

Marsh, a global leader in marine insurance broking and risk management, has issued an industry information report that highlights the inherent risks involved in operating ever-larger ships in poorly surveyed waters: 'Hydrographic Concerns for Modern-Day Large Vessels'. The Marsh Report quotes IHO President Robert Ward and UK National Hydrographer Rear Admiral Tim Lowe, among others.

The report, which refers to IHO publication C-55 - Status of Surveying and Charting Worldwide as one of its references, notes that many of the world’s charts continue to rely on older or inadequate data that may not be appropriate for the operation of ever-larger, modern vessels. The report also notes that the navigation of largest vessels in inadequately surveyed areas introduces potentially serious additional consequences for ship operators because the marine salvage industry may have difficulty in recovering the largest of stranded or grounded vessels. The report also draws attention to the operational risks involved in the polar regions, where the status of surveying is particularly limited.

The report goes on to encourage governments, mariners and ship operators to contribute to improving the world’s charting coverage by investing in surveys and submitting reports and data to Hydrographic Offices and the IHO wherever possible.

Last updated: 05/03/2020