Request for Submissions: Annual IADC Safety Award - 23/03/2017

Ideas to improve on-the-job safety, avoid accidents and save lives can be submitted to the IADC Safety Committee for its Annual Safety Award by 31 May 2017. The award seeks to identify the exceptional safety performance of a particular project, product, ship, team or employee. The award is open to all companies active in the dredging industry and related industries. The IADC Board of Directors will present the Safety Award at the IADC Annual General Meeting in September 2017 in Marseille, France.

Safety is always a top priority. Constant vigilance requires innovation. And good ideas should be recognised and publicised. These ideas are a contribution to the dredging industry as a whole. The IADC Safety Award seeks to:

  • encourage the development of on-the-job safety skills and safety awareness;
  • make the work environment safer;
  • reward people and companies who make it possible to work more safely; and
  • honour those who demonstrate special diligence in safety awareness in performing their professions.

Facing a Risky Reality

Dredging operations are large, sprawling with hidden dangers amongst heavy machinery. The International Association of Dredging Companies and its members are committed to safeguarding their employees and to pursuing improvements in guaranteeing a safe and healthy work environment.

IADC members aim to reducing the number of industry accidents and incidents to zero. In 2009 they took their commitment a step further and established the Lost Time Injury (LTI) index. This index has helped track accidents and incidents and their causes, and has resulted in a continuous decline of mishaps amongst dredging contractors since its inception.

Again, to further safety goals, in November 2013, a group of QHSE experts from the member companies were recruited to form the IADC Safety Committee. Through this committee, contractors are able to share safety experiences and best practices. In a next step, the committee established the Annual IADC Safety Award. The award encourages the development of on-the-job safety skills and rewards people and companies demonstrating diligence in safety awareness in the performance of their professions.

Submission Guidelines

Companies may submit multiple nominations but each submission requires that a separate registration form be completed. Nominations must be supported by a document that describes the details of the accomplishments. The identified work should be described and supported with evidence by means of safety record(s), objectives reached and other relevant information. Click here for further information on IADC’s website.


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