RIEGL BathyCopter Presented for Serial Availability - 12/10/2016

RIEGL traditionally uses the Intergeo platform to give an insight into and an overview of its comprehensive Lidar sensors and systems product range. At booth C3.059 in hall A3, on the first day of this year's event, RIEGL introduced current developments and unveiled latest products to the Intergeo audience. They included the BathyCopter for hydrographic surveys and the RIEGL VQ-1560i Dual Lidar Channel Airborne Laser Scanning System as well as the entry-level miniVUX-1UAV Lidar Sensor.

RIEGL’s BathyCopter, the UAV-based surveying system for hydrographic applications has been presented as a proof of concept at last year’s INTERGEO and after a year of intensive developing and testing, RIEGL announced serial availability. The BathyCopter is equipped with the RIEGL BDF-1  compact and lightweight bathymetric depth finder optimised for UAV-borne operation. It is suited for generating profiles of inland water bodies. The topo-bathymetric depth finder comprises tilt compensation, an IMU/GNSS unit with antenna, a control unit, a data storage unit and can be equipped with up to two external digital cameras. RIEGL’s new hydrographic full waveform processing delivers accurate, reliable and informative data; pre-detection averaging allows essential performance improvement at adverse conditions.


Last updated: 06/06/2020