Robert Van De Poll International Manager, Law Of The Sea - 07/07/2006

Fugro Pelagos has appointed Mr. Robert van de Poll to the position of International Manager, Law of the Sea. Mr. van de Poll is an internationally recognized expert on the Law of the Sea (LOS), especially Article 76. He has written 17 professional papers on the subject. His responsibilities will include management of the Fugro business supporting UNCLOS based opportunities, including desktop studies, Maritime Boundary evaluations, and related research for applications to UNCLOS and EEZ projects, including surveys and data analyses. During his 15-year tenure at CARIS (Universal Systems Ltd.), he was involved in every aspect of the design, development and successful implementation of the CARIS LOTS software, which has been sanctioned by the United Nations' Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLCS). This has led to his leadership in presenting papers, workshops, training courses and analytical services in over 50 Coastal Nations.

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