ROTV Solution for Magnetometer Surveys - 27/01/2014

A new intelligent wide-sweep ROTV ScanFish Katria solution from Danish EIVA is designed to optimise magnetometer surveys in terms of reduced operation costs and high data quality. The ScanFish Katria is designed for detection of sub-bottom magnetic anomalies. The intelligent platform allows for time-efficient magnetometer surveys, as it covers larger survey areas in one sweep through a horizontal setup of four magnetometers.

By means of the terrain-following operation mode, the magnetometers are positioned as close to the seabed as the topography allows. This ensures less expensive operations and high-quality data with better indication of signal strength and origin. As the ScanFish Katria is towed at a distance, any type of vessel can be used without risking the survey data being affected by its magnetic signature.

The magnetometer type included in the ScanFish Katria is the Geometrics G-882 Marine Magnetometer, according to Eiva a high-end yet low-cost solution and the most used in the industry.

The ScanFish Katria standard package combined with the optional extras, including for example winch and tow cable, constitute a turn-key solution, offering all the necessary components for a magnetometer survey set-up that matches the required needs. 

Last updated: 07/03/2021