S-58 for ENC Validation Checks in Teledyne CARIS Composer - 30/06/2017

Teledyne CARIS has adopted Edition 6.0 of IHO Publication S-58 for ENC validation checks in the latest release of CARIS S-57 Composer 3.1. Now supporting ENC validation based on the new standard, S-57 Composer’s internal and customised quality control tests have been reorganised, rewritten and extended to match the standard. New messages have been added to the tests and the descriptions have been re-worded to add clarity.

New test collections have been created to quickly determine if an ENC passes the mandatory Error and Warning checks. S-57 Composer’s validation reporting tools allow users to evaluate, view and resolve any issues present in an ENC created in CARIS or a third party ENC production software.

Also included in the 3.1 release is additional functionality to further support the emerging S-100 standard including support for the creation, viewing and editing of S-100 complex attributes and attributes with multiplicity of values. This builds on S-57 Composer’s existing support for S-100 product creation, management and viewing of S-101 data and other S-100 products.

Existing users of CARIS S-57 Composer will require an updated license string to run this new version. This is available from the Teledyne CARIS Online Customer Services website. S-57 Composer is now a 64-bit only application.


Last updated: 22/10/2020