Safe Software Supports SQL Server 2008 - 14/11/2007

Safe Softwar's FME spatial ETL (extract, transform, and load) platform will support the spatial data capabilities made available in the SQL Server 2008 November Community Technology Preview (CTP). In the FME 2008 beta, SQL Server users will be able to see firsthand how they can use FME's data translation, transformation and integration capabilities to read and write spatial data to SQL Server 2008.


FME 2008 provides a graphical authoring environment that enables SQL Server 2008 November CTP users to read and write SQL Server-based spatial data, as well as over 200 other CAD, GIS, raster and database formats. They can also use FME to integrate non-spatial and spatial data for loading into SQL Server 2008. In 2008, Safe plans to add automatic spatial index creation.



Last updated: 27/02/2018