Saildrone's Teaching Modules Bring Antarctica to Your Home School

Saildrone's Teaching Modules Bring Antarctica to Your Home School

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In many countries, schools are closed and parents have to teach their children themselves. To help them a bit, Saildrone has put together a free teaching package. The US-based company designs and manufactures wind and solar-powered autonomous surface vehicles called saildrones.

On its website, the company writes: "In this unprecedented time, many parents, including those at Saildrone, are now finding themselves not only working from home, but also with a new side gig: teacher. Saildrone is proud to share a series of fun and engaging educational tools inspired by our autonomous vehicles and developed to bring the mysteries of Antarctica to students around the world."

Antarctic Mission

Saildrone has developed three modules as part of the Antarctic mission and a link to access the individual lesson plans. Each lesson includes a class presentation, activities and printable visual aids. Teaching notes are also included to help guide teachers and parents through each lesson. All materials are free – no registration is required. (Download here).


So, if you would like to explore the Southern Ocean with your kids, these fun and engaging STEM-oriented lesson plans discuss the incredible aspects of the Antarctic ecosystem and how it affects the rest of the planet. If you have used these educational tools, please let us know what you thought. We would also like to know if you have used other hydrographic or oceanographic-based teaching programmes. Share your findings on our website and send a message to Cees van Dijk, content manager at Hydro International.

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