Saturn AHRS and INS Systems Available at Offshore South East Asia

Saturn AHRS and INS Systems Available at Offshore South East Asia

Teledyne TSS’ Saturn AHRS and INS (Attitude and Heading Reference System and Inertial Navigation System) it are market ready and the UK-based company will be offering it for sale commercially for the first time at Offshore South East Asia (to be held in Singapore, from 2 to 5 December 2014).

The first versions of the Saturn system were previewed at Oceanology International in London in March since when a small number of trial versions have been subjected to regular and demanding use offshore with different types of clients. The trial programme has enabled any glitches and design weaknesses to be identified and addressed.

The Saturn product family is based upon fibre-optic technology developed and manufactured by Teledyne TSS. The family also incorporates advanced digital signal processing and algorithm design to deliver a highly accurate and reliable product to meet the demanding needs of the marine market. All units are compact, lightweight in both air and water and provide a unique alternative to existing products on the market.

The Saturn family is FOG-based and without any mechanical components, it has no requirement for servicing or routine maintenance. This is known to represent a considerable saving in cost and inconvenience to customers.

As the first phase of a product development programme, there will be four versions of the Saturn family with two basic grades of accuracy that are available in both surface and subsea configurations. The Saturn 10 systems are designed to support the offshore construction, ROV, surface navigation and multibeam survey sectors where reliability, competitive pricing and performance are essential. The Saturn 30 systems are designed as a solid-state attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) for primary surface and subsea navigation. They are compact and highly reliable units which make them ideal for all sizes of vessel and especially for smaller craft such as fast ferries, yachts and small patrol craft where space is at a premium.                       

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