SEA Launches Offshore Division - 11/04/2007

Recognising the specialised nature of offshore, in-shore, estuary and rivers products and services, SEA (Group) Ltd has brought together its civil maritime activities into a new Offshore Division.

The company grows in the commercial maritime business sector, both through its range of survey sonar products and an increasing position in the supply of engineering design services. The new division will allow the advancement, delivery and support of its commercial products, namely the range of SWATHplus survey sonars, and ECHOplus seabed discrimination system. The division will also concentrate on expanding its commercial engineering services, in particular in the development of new or legacy-upgrade processing, control and communications equipments.

Gareth Somerset will lead the new division. He was previously Technical Director of SEA’s Marine Division, addressing both military and civil sectors. This has provided Gareth with the opportunity to consolidate and enhance SEA’s extensive underwater capability.


Last updated: 05/03/2020