Sea Machines Robotics Presents 'The Power of Marine Autonomy' Video - 21/12/2017

Sea Machines Robotics has released a CGI animation engineered to clarify the benefits of autonomous technology for boats and ships. The powerful animation is creatively narrated to demonstrate the company’s principle product, the Sea Machines 300, and the power of meshed-sensor technology. The viewer is taken on a thrilling ride through the system components and given beautifully rendered use-case examples at sea.

The oceans cover nearly three-quarters of our planet’s surface and it’s a world churned by millions of vessels that are the basis of an oceanic economy valued around USD2 trillion; and surprisingly it’s a realm that remains an unknown frontier to most people, said Sea Machines’ CEO, Michael Johnson. Sea-going ships carry 90% of the world’s trade, the oceans provide 30% of the world’s hydrocarbons and are the primary protein source of over one billion people.  Sea Machines sees it as an ocean of opportunity and Sea Machines is building new-world technology that makes operating at sea safer, more productive, and much more accessible. Videos like this and more to come will share our vision and the importance of this oceanic domain, Johnson added.

Vessel management system

The Sea Machines 300 is an industrial-grade autonomous command  and dynamic vessel management system that readily interfaces with primary and auxiliary vessel systems. The system provides new methods of vessel operation, like allowing on-board crew to step away from the aspect of manual vessel control and give focus to other complex operations such as payload tasks.  The technology also unlocks the ability to operate a vessel in minimally-manned or unmanned configurations.  An operator using Sea Machines technology can control a boat from a remote location with the visibility of vessel-borne video and radar feed and gives the ability to remotely command on board payloads such as survey sonars, winches, cranes, and davits.

The animation was designed in-house by Sea Machines, with CGI carried out by DW Studio in the UK. Custom audio was engineered by Zelig audio in the Netherlands. Both DW Studio and Zelig have won awards for their CGI & audio work.

Last updated: 20/03/2019