Seabed Demo Days for Hydrographic Equipment

Seabed Demo Days for Hydrographic Equipment

To celebrate the end of the summer, Seabed (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) organised demo days on 6 and 7 September 2016. Clients, business contacts and suppliers were invited to see new equipment in action: the Norbit IWBMS integrated multibeam sonar, the inertial systems of Seabed, AML Oceanograhic X-series and sensors, the SubseaTech Catarob ATS-03 USV, the ilinks Mobile Lidar system and the Synergetik admodus USP PRO ultrasound density probe.

The survey vessel took participants into the busy port of Amsterdam for the demonstrations. On the cruise that was attended by Hydro International, Peter Koldgaard Eriksen explained the concept of the Norbit multibeam sonar with inertial navigation integrated into the sonar facilitating fast and reliable mobilisation.

Demo Days Video

The Synergetik admodus USP PRO density probe was also shown in action by Andreas Klockner and Michael Ressing – the main challenge of the demo seemed to find a place in the Port of Amsterdam that was accessible for the demo where actually some mud was available. This instrument makes its measurements using acoustics. This creates according to the supplier an efficient and fast profile of navigable mud. The software package adds to the ease of making the seafloor profiles.

James Walton of AML Oceanographic demonstrated the X-series of CTD and sound velocity probes that transmit their data via wifi to the computer, saving time and making the data acquisition and processing smooth and easy.

Seabed mentioned a great interest for the demonstration days as this also turned out to be an excellent moment to catch up on what’s happening in the business!


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