SeaPILOT Expanded for Observation-class ROVs - 17/07/2014

Rowe Technologies, USA, has launched a DVL for the SeaPILOT product line. The SeaPILOT OC (Observation Class) is the result of collaboration with several small ROV manufacturers to provide a compact, high-performance DVL, designed specifically for observation/inspection-class ROVs.

The OC is small (5” [127mm] wide x 6” [152mm] tall and 8” [203mm]), light-weight (~1lb [0.45kg] in water), is rated for 300m operating depths, and is available in 1200kHz and 600KHz operating frequencies. To ease integration, the OC supports several input and output data formats and is compatible with a number of third-party control and navigation software packages.

Last updated: 27/02/2018