Search and Recovery Side Scan Sonar - 23/02/2012

L-3 Klein Associates has introduced a lightweight, rapidly deployable side scan sonar (SSS) for search and recovery (SAR) applications. The HydroScan implements advanced technologies not previously available in side scan sonars, according to the manufacturer, resulting in a compact profile delivering much higher quality imaging and range performance than other small SAR SSS systems.



From nose to tail, L-3 Klein's HydroScan was specifically designed to anticipate the needs of today's SAR and related applications. The system utilises proprietary dual-frequency (455 and 900kHz) wideband FM Chirp sonar to provide high-resolution imaging, outstanding contrast ratios, and under certain conditions, as much as double the range of competitive lightweight systems in disaster, emergency and first responder surveys. The HydroScan is rated to a full 100-metre depth and is designed with rugged components that are built to last. In addition, the new design features an easy-to-access tow cable connection and a well-placed handle for effortless transport.


John Cotumaccio, general manager of L-3 Klein, said that during L-3 Klein's performance and reliability testing, using typical tow speeds of 4-6 knots, the HydroScan system consistently captured very high-resolution imagery over 80 metres per side using 900kHz, and also over 175 metres at 455kHz.



Last updated: 19/01/2019