SeaRobotics Delivers USV to NATO - 06/05/2013

SeaRobotics Corporation, based in Florida, USA, has delivered an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) in its 5.7m hull series to the NATO's Center for Marine Research and Experimentation (CMRE). This general-purpose USV will be utilised to improve payload capacity and efficiency of the impressive, fully autonomous mine neutralisation system developed at CMRE.

With over 350kg of payload, the ability to be configured as an all-electric or as a diesel-electric hybrid system, and the ability to reach speeds in excess of 5m/sec, the 5.7m system will excel in numerous applications. Enhancing its role in mine neutralisation operations or many other tasks, the system can ship worldwide in a standard 20ft container. The engineered boat trailer doubles as a shipping cart and allows transport of the exceptionally stable USV at a reduced beam on the road or in a container.

SeaRobotics is pleased to support NATO's mine countermeasures project at CMRE. This complex, fully autonomous system integrating a USV, AUV, and acoustic imaging with advanced autonomous behaviors is truly extending the state of the art, stated Don Darling, president of SeaRobotics.

The Searobotics product line of USVs includes both 5.7m and 11m vessels, both of which can be used in arctic operations.

SeaRobotics specialises in smart vessels that are remotely or autonomously operated as well as autonomous ship hull grooming systems. Its clients include major military and commercial organisations, both US-based and foreign. SeaRobotics' marine survey software interfaces with most data acquisition hardware, software, and sensing systems to produce multi-spectral, DGPS-stamped data for survey, research or surveillance efforts. 

Applications for SeaRobotics vessels range from bathymetric and hydrographic surveys to coastal, harbor, and riverine surveillance. SeaRobotics surface vehicles range from small, modular, man-portable systems to large, long-endurance workhorse vehicles survey and surveillance systems.

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