SeaSprite Sonar for VideoRay - 05/03/2004

VideoRay LLC announced that Tritech International has produced the SeaSprite sonar as a new accessory for the VideoRay ROV. The SeaSprite weighs just 5 ounces in water and is ideal for small ROVs and AUVs in military and covert uses. By equipping the VideoRay with the SeaSprite sonar, obstacles can be located, identified, and measured in low visibility environments.
The SeaSprite simply plugs into any VideoRay Pro II and features an extremely fast scan rate to match VideoRay's high maneuverability. No calibration is needed. When plugged into a Pro II, the SeaSprite can be used in low visibility conditions and without any other gear in the water. The SeaSprite can reference navigate along a vessel hull, pier, or other object and ‘see’ objects on the sonar display long before they can be seen by video or a diver's eyes.
The SeaSprite includes electronics and software features often included in full sized commercial systems, such as true acoustic zoom, instant scan reversal and sector scan options, inverted mode operation, and a hard boot protection for the transducer. The sonar is controlled through a laptop computer or PDA, which is connected to the VideoRay control box.

Last updated: 30/11/2020